Governance & Leadership

Strengthening Board Governance

Board members have an increasingly challenging job to provide effective oversight and provide leadership in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. More than ever, Board members need to be clear about their distinct roles and responsibilities so that they can focus on what matters and work effectively in partnership with the CEO or Executive Director.

This workshop provides a brief overview of the different governance models and a simple framework for understanding the Board’s roles and responsibilities. As a result of the training, Board Members, Executive Directors/ CEO’s and Senior Management Leadership Teams will be able to eliminate confusion between the Board and staff roles, to design agendas, processes and structures to better support the Board member’s role and to help the organization to be more successful and credible.

Presenter: Linda Mollenhauer

Linda has worked in the NFP sector for over 30 years. As a consultant, she facilitates and delivers training in planning governance, organizational development and communication. She has published many resources for the sector, including Benchmarks of Excellences, A Culture of Accountability, Building Inclusive Organizations, and the Strategic Organization. Linda was CEO of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (IMAGINE Canada) and Director of the Imagine national awareness campaign to encourage individual and corporate giving.


This 2 hour webinar involves a mix of practical discussion and experiential exercises intended to introduce participants to the concept of mindfulness and how practicing mindfulness can allow one to experience life more fully and completely. Mindfulness is a concept employed in a variety of settings to improve people’s health, decrease stress, manage chronic physical and mental illness, improve productivity and enhance quality of life.

Presenter: Stephen J. White, M.A., C.Psych. Associate

Steve is a full-time psychological associate with the North Community Network of Specialized Care and Hands He has worked as a clinical psychologist in Alberta and Nova Scotia in mental health settings and in a chronic pain rehabilitation clinic. In these settings, he employed mindfulness based interventions to help people with a variety of chronic physical and mental health challenges. Currently he provides consultation and training to professionals across northern Ontario in the support of adults with a developmental disability and co-existing mental health issue and/or challenging behaviour.